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The Strathmore University Student Council

The Strathmore University Student Council is established in accordance with the University Statute XXXIII. The main aim of the Student Council is to promote the academic, cultural, religious, social and sporting welfare of the students of Strathmore University. The Council consists of student representatives, to be chosen at open and free elections according to guidelines established by the Dean of Students. The dean of students supervises the activities of the Student Council, with whom the members of the Council will meet periodically.

The 10th Student Council

Term: 2018-2019

The 5th Student Council

Term: 2013-2014

The 3rd  Student Council

Term: 12th February 2011

The 2nd Student Council

Term: 12th February 2010 to 11th February 2011

The 1st Student Council

Term: 5th December 2008 to 12th February 2010

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