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It is required by law that any foreign national seeking to enter Kenya for purposes of working, studying, tourism or any other activity that is accepted in the land, should apply, and attain a permit that will recognize and facilitate them. Some of the permits required are Entry visas, Student passes, Work permits and the exit visas for those intending to leave the country and do not readily have an immigration status.

Entry Visa

This is an official permission granted to all foreign nationals to enter and remain in Kenya temporarily for a specific period of up to six (6) months. Applications are initiated using the E-citizen portal and paid for upon successfully filling in the correct information and making relevant uploads. An approval is granted through the same platform within five (5) days after making payments. The applicant is supposed to print out the approval and present it to an immigration officer at the point of entry on the date of travel e.g., Airports/Borders for endorsement into the passports.


It is advisable that all entry visa applications be made at least seven (7) working days before the date of travel.


Click on the link to apply for an entry visa

Student pass/internship passes

This is a document issued to applicants of foreign origin under (section 30(1) of the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Regulations 2012, who wish to pursue their education in Kenya’s Education or Training Institutions where they have been accepted or admitted. The applicant must have been accepted as a student by an approved Educational or Training Establishment before making the application.
Requirements for a student pass application to be submitted by or on behalf of the applicants are:

  • 2 passport size photos
  • Copy of passport both bio data and visa page
  • Copy of academic transcripts/ certificates presented while joining Strathmore.
  • Commitment letter from parent/guardian addressed to:
    • The Director of Immigrations,
      P.O. Box 30191-00100,
  • Copy of parents/guardians ID or passport.
  • For self-sponsored students a certified copy of your Bank Statements is required.
  • Cover letter from Strathmore. For internship passes, a cover letter from the company offering the training is required.
  • Police clearance certificate/certificate of good conduct from country of origin.

Exit Visas

Any international student/foreign national seeking authority to depart from the country must have a valid immigration status or an exit visa. Below are requirements to obtain the exit visas:

  • A proof of online application obtained from the EFNS.
  • An air/bus ticket to a foreign land or home country
  • A valid Passport

Alien Cards/ID

Registration of foreign nationals is governed by the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act of 2011 part VII (56) 2 laws of Kenya. The law requires that all foreigner’s residing within Kenya for a period exceeding 90 days be registered as aliens. On a student perspective, it is required that a student registers as an alien immediately after they have been granted a student/internship passes.
Seek assistance from the office of international student’s affairs for assistance on alien card application.

  • Requirements for an alien card application to be submitted by applicants are:
  • A duly filled, signed online application Form 50. You will print out the form at the end of the application for a foreign certificate (Alien card).
  • A copy of a valid passport to establish identity and nationality
  • Two recent colored passport size photographs(White background) taken not more than twelve months before date of application
  • A resident person will be required to produce the above in addition to a valid permit or pass
  • If the application is for a renewal the applicant will required to produce a previous foreign certificate (Alien card)
  • For lost alien card, the applicant will be required to produce a valid police abstract as proof of loss

PLEASE NOTE: All Documents must be Submitted to the office of the international students Affairs under the office of the Dean of Students Within the first three weeks of stay into the country and/or semester.

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In case of any challenges or queries with regards to immigration services, please write to us through for assistance

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