Sports and Clubs awards

Sports and Clubs awards.

Club of the year

The best club overall – club which has achieved its objectives and stood out in the following ways:

  • Adherence to club objectives and mission.
  • Financial / Budgetary discipline.
  • Level of organization and order in the club.
  • Number of active and consistent members over the past one year.
  • Number of CSR activities engaged in.
  • Number of activities done and their success level.
  • Sound accounting records of the club.
  • The club must have had at least two corporate sponsors in the year

Best club report

We look at layout and general presentation.

Best organized event

An event that is well organized, achieves its objectives and also has maximum impact. We also appreciate the efforts that go in organizing the events.

Best poster

We reward creativity. This award aims at improving quality of posters and adverts in the university.

Best club social responsibility (CSR)

We need to care for the less fortunate around us. This award is for the club that did a CSR with the biggest impact both to the society.

Most promising club

This is for a New Club formed in that year. The award goes to the club that has shown a lot of hope and potential for the future, the club that embodies the future of student activity in the university.

Most rewarding club

In life it is all about adding value so that you leave people better than you found them. After your stay in Strathmore University and you were in a club, we would like you to be an improved person through exposure etc, provided by your club. This award is for such a club.

Best ambassadors of the university

The award appreciates the effort that a club puts in when they are representing the University outside both locally and internationally. The club should have put the students and the University at large in good public light.

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