Strathmore University Leos


Strathmore University Leos popularly known as Strathmore Leos was founded in 2003. It consists of two teams, the seven’s team and the fifteens’ team with an involvement of over 60 players. The team trains in the Strathmore Sports complex under Coach John Mbai.

 The teams compete actively Kenya Rugby Union league. Before John Mbai joined in 2017, the team had previously been coached by rugby greats Mitch Ocholla, Benjamin Ayimba and Paul Odera

The past couple of years have been quite a rollercoaster ride for the team   marked with different magnitudes of highs and lows. Having featured in the Kenya Cup finals in 2013 where the team lost to Nakuru Rugby Club, the best shot the team has had in the top tier league is the semi finals in the 2014-15 season.

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The following two seasons didn’t go well for the team where in the 2016-17 the team was battling to survive relegation. The drastic drop in performance was highly attributed to a mass exodus of players to other clubs, most of them having graduated. The team however managed to get back on its feet during the playoffs in the 2017-2018 season. During this season, the team took home the Mwamba Cup, a major trophy for the 10 aside cohort after a very long spell. For the 7s cohort, over the past five years, the team has only managed to win just two major trophies; Dala 7s in 2013 and Nakuru 10s in 2016.

Achievements and Highlights


  • Mwamba cup winners
  • Christie7s semifinalists


Sepetuka7s Bowl winners


  • Great Rift 10s Cup Winners
  • East Africa KUSA 7s Winners


  • Campo Lympics Champions
  • Impala Floodlit Semi finalists 
  • Kabeberi 7s Plate semi finalists 
  • Prinsloo 7s 3rd place 
  • Driftwood 7s 3rd place 
  • Dala 7s 3rd place 
  • Christie 7s plate finalists 
  • Kakamega 10s cup finalists 
  • Nairobi 10s plate champions 
  • Enterprise cup semi finalists 
  • Kenya cup semi finalists


Prinsloo7s cup winners



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