Frequently Asked Questions

What courses does Strathmore Offer?

Strathmore University offers a wide range of courses; Masters, Undergraduate, Diploma, Professional and Certificate Courses.

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How do I get admission to Strathmore University?

Getting admission is easy. Take these steps to join the University: First, choose a course, apply online, take entrance exam, and finally do an oral interview.

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There are many privately owned facilities around the University. During the admission process, students are assisted in finding a hostel by being provided with information on the different hostel facilities.



The University is well aware of the need to secure the members of the University while they are on campus.
The Security & Safety department is responsible for ensuring security on campus, managing entrances and exits of the campus and of all buildings. Such auxiliary services such as parking and emergency protocols also fall under the department.

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Scholarships and Bursaries

Scholarships at Strathmore University are merit based and are offered on an equal opportunity, competitive basis. In order to be considered for a scholarship, prospective students are advised to first acquire an admission letter into the University for the course they are interested. Due to the competitive nature of awarding scholarships, only a few applicants are granted scholarships.

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Where is the Strathmore University Medical Center?

The Medical Centre offers specialized and professional outpatient primary care services coupled with both clinical risk management and a pro-active preventive care. It is situated behind Strathmore University Library on Keri Campus and is manned by competent and experienced staff members who strive to meet global healthcare standards.

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