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To be one of the best sports services in Africa with a reputation for developing players into future leaders.



To provide sports services to the university at large for personal development of the athletes and the coaches.


  • To provide support in all areas of student-athlete welfare, including academics, personal growth, wellness, career, and community service.
  • To recruit student-athletes who possess reasonable expectations of academic and athletic success.
  • To provide adequate facilities, equipment, training and healthcare to ensure that student-athletes have the opportunity to excel.
  • To maintain a sound financial base through adequate funding (collaboration with respective university bodies) and appropriate management of funds.
  • To recruit highly qualified coaches and staff, consistent with university and Sports Office philosophy and standards of integrity and moral conduct.
  • To support equitable opportunities for all coaches and staff in areas such as advancement, benefit increases, and continuing education.
  • To support equitable opportunities for all student-athletes, administrators, and staff.
  • To provide high standards in the teams’ performance in various leagues in inter-universities, national and regional competitions.
  • Support and enhance University mission and objectives by furnishing an academic support system that enables student athletes to graduate in a timely fashion
  • To offer integrated sports programmes that are geared towards acquiring lifelong skills.

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